Compact Precomputed Voxelized Shadows

Erik Sintorn, Viktor Kämpe, Ola Olsson, Ulf Assarsson (2014): Compact Precomputed Voxelized Shadows. In: ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33 (4), 2014, (SIGGRAPH 2014).


Producing high-quality shadows in large environments is an important and challenging problem for real-time applications such as games. We propose a novel data structure for precomputed shadows, which enables high-quality filtered shadows to be reconstructed for any point in the scene. We convert a high-resolution shadow map to a sparse voxel octree, where each node encodes light visibility for the corresponding voxel, and compress this tree by merging common subtrees. The resulting data structure can be many orders of magnitude smaller than the corresponding shadow map. We also show that it can be efficiently evaluated in real time with large filter kernels.


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