Consultant Services

I provide qualified services to 3D-graphics industries with a primary focus on real-time graphics and GPU-processing. I have many years of games industry experience, a PhD in real-time computer graphics and post-doctoral experience developing massively parallel High Performance Computing applications.

By combining the strength of many years of experience in the games industry with a PhD in real-time computer graphics, I am uniquely placed to assist with research and engineering expertise. This know-how from both research and industry enables tailoring algorithms and solutions to the needs of the games industry, and bridge the gap between research and engineering.

Below are some examples of what I can assist with, but I am open to discuss any project! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss a project.

Examples of Services

Real-time Graphics R&D – Surveying, analysis, prototyping, development and production planning.

Quickly add expertise and broad knowledge of the real-time rendering field to your team when it is the most needed during the start-up phase of a project. I can survey techniques for a given problem, and compile comprehensive reports, helping you make informed decisions without having to wait for the next SIGGRAPH. I can also implement prototypes, drawing on my understanding of the research field and network to speed evaluation of new techniques.

GPGPU Algorithms – Design and implementation of massively parallel algorithms, for any type of computation.

As GPUs are increasingly providing the bulk of the processing power and memory bandwidth, they are becoming the key architecture for anything that needs to be fast. With experience with GPU algorithm design all the way from CUDA 1.0, I can assist in design and implementation of massively parallel algorithms. This can help accelerate performance-critical stages, from the art asset pipeline to the run-time system.

Code Optimization – Performance analysis and optimization across the spectrum from system to instruction level.

I have a broad and deep understanding in profiling and performance analysis to identify and solve bottlenecks, be it on CPU or GPU. With experience with several consoles, PC and HPC systems I have a detailed understanding of the memory hierarchy and performance analysis and optimization.

Content Pipeline design / optimization – Building or modifying your asset pipeline to improve productivity and performance.

I have experience from building and extending several game engines for AAA console games. I can draw on experience working and directing development on full pipelines to enable the content developers to work efficiently, to improve your pipeline and improve productivity.