Ola Olsson

This page belongs to Ola Olsson, who has both a PhD in computer graphics and about 10 years of engineering experience from the games industry, as well as post-doctoral experience developing High Performance Computing code.

In the games industry Ola has held a broad range of roles, ranging from AI programmer to technical director. He has experience with developing several game engines from the ground up as well as with integrating third party libraries and tools.

His research focused on the highly efficient parallel algorithms for GPUs and their application to real-time rendering. His publications have had a significant impact in both academia and industry. He has been a frequent speaker at SIGGRAPH, for example the 2015 course Real-time Many-light Management and Shadows with Clustered Shading. See Research Publications for a complete list. He is the primary author of the Clustered Shading algorithm, which has been implemented in several shipping AAA games.